Single Bottle of Limited Edition 2011 Samuel Adams' Utopias® Beer Available at Door County's Main Street Market

From Main Street Market’s Sam Northrop:

When is a beer more than a beer? When it’s a Samuel Adams Utopias® brew. Here’s what  CaptainsBeerBlog has to say about Utopias®:

Sam Adams Utopias isn’t really a beer…it’s an experience.

Offered in extraordinarily limited quantities once every two years (there were only 53 barrels produced for this year’s version), Utopias is considered to be one of the tougher beers out there to get your hands on, and for good reason, taking into account the intensely laborious, time-consuming process Boston Beer Co.’s brewers take to produce this innovative brew. In its fifth release, Utopias has traditionally contended with such beers as Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA as the most alcoholic beer on planet earth*, coming in at a mere 27% ABV. But the strength of the beer, while certainly unique and more reminiscent to what you’d find in a fine liquer, is not all that sets it apart in my mind.

Main Street Market is excited to announce that we have ONE container of this limited edition fine brew available for sale at our Egg Harbor store. Let me tempt you with some of the details:

Sweet fire, with a rich malt and wood complexity. 
Truly the epitome of brewing’s two thousand year evolution, Samuel Adams Utopias® offers a flavor not just unlike any other beer but unlike any other beverage in the world. The 2011 release is a blend of batches, some having been aged up to 16 years in the barrel room of our Boston Brewery, in a variety of woods. We aged a portion of the beer in hand-selected, single-use bourbon casks from the award-winning Buffalo Trace Distillery. The latest batch also spent time in Portuguese muscatel finishing casks, as well as sherry, brandy and Cognac casks. This flavorful, slightly fruity brew has a sweet, malty flavor that is reminiscent of a deep, rich vintage port, fine cognac or aged sherry.

Flavor: A unique flavor of vintage port, old sherry and fine cognac. Layers of dark fruit, wood and vanilla.

Ruby black
Original Gravity: 40° Plato
Alcohol by Vol/Wt: 27% ABV – 21.31%ABW
Calories per recommended 2 oz serving: 107
Malt Varieties: Two-row pale Harrington and Metcalfe, Caramel 60, Munich
Hop Variety: Hallertau Mittelfruh, Spalt and Tettnager
Yeast Strain:
Two Samuel Adams yeasts
Availability: Limited release First Brewed: 2002

Main Street Market has ONE bottle of the 2011 brew available for sale – $500

Interested? Call Main Street Market at 920-868-2120 and ask for Sam. Or email

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